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Hand Craved Coffe Plate • 100% Walnut/Beech/Acacia

Hand Craved Coffe Plate • 100% Walnut/Beech/Acacia

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Experience the delight of drinking your morning cup from this luxurious, hand-carved coffee plate. Its warm wood tones of walnut, beech or acacia come to life with each cup, creating an intimate and flavorful start to each day. Will you choose walnut, beech or acacia?


• 100% Walnut/Beech/Acacia
• 7.9x4.7x0.8"(20x12x2cm)

Caring Instructions:

1- Clean gently wood products with a dry cloth.
2- Do not leave wood soaking in water. Do not expose your product to heat or sunshine.

it is handmade in wood.There are three materials to choose from: walnut, beech and acacia

Each piece is different because it depends on the wood used to make the tray, so your decorative tray is unique! 

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